12 Constellation Handmade Lucky Bracelet


The Universe is on your side!

This beautiful 12 constellation bracelet is handmade from a combination of different stones each with their own unique properties. This powerful combination can work with you to really send your intentions out into the Universe.

As you hold this bracelet, hold your intentions in mind. Know that all the time you are wearing this bracelet these intentions are being sent out to the Universe and you are creating the life you deserve. As you go about your day use this bracelet as a reminder to have faith and follow your life purpose. Wear your bracelet on the left wrist as this is the receiving side of the body. As your intentions are sent out to the Universe you must also accept Universal Power into your life.

 Send your INTENTIONS to the Universe and ACCEPT Universal Power.

  • 12 Constellation Handmade Universal Power Lucky Bracelet
  • Materials: Mixed Natural Crystal Stones, Plated 24k Gold
  • Limited Edition and not available in stores!
  • Bead Size: Approx 3mm
  • Length: Approx 15cm – 20cm (Adjustable)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Free Worldwide Shipping

Please Note: Each crystal is produced from a different stone and this means that some slight color variations may occur between each piece. Like us humans, they are imperfect in their perfect nature.

Get this stunning 12 Constellation Lucky Bracelet


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