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Calling all the creative spirits! Does your creative muse need a boost? Do you miss indulging your creative side with spontaneity and adventure? If you need support embracing a more creative lifestyle, then creativity crystals and jewelry are just what you need! We’ve collected the best crystals for creativity and passion that have been combined in this jewelry to get you inspired. As soon as these passion crystals come into contact with your skin, get ready for a mind-opening shift of energy that stimulates creativity and innovation like no other. Specially selected gemstones for creativity are just what you need when you have writer’s block or need that extra push to complete a creative project. These powerful stones and crystals bring forth energetic thinking and also have confidence boosting powers that enhance your spiritual connection to the universe.

What to Do When Your Energy Feels Heavy

When there is a lot going on in your life or the world around you, all the different thoughts, feelings and emotions you experience can build up and leave your energy feeling heavy and dense. Over time as these energies accumulate, it can take a toll how you feel and how you live your life. This crystal practice is designed to help you break through that heavy energy and get back to your highest state of being so you can feel your best and live the life you want to live.

This practice has four parts: 1) getting clear on what you want to release, 2) energy clearing with Selenite, 3) a body scan with Black Tourmaline, and 4) focusing on what you want to create. Together, these four parts allow you to work through any dense or heavy energy within your mind, body and spirit and address the different areas or ways that unwanted energy can show up in your life. 

For this practice, you just need two crystals: a Selenite wand and a Black Tourmaline stone (or another black stone). This practice purposefully uses very few “tools” because when you already feel overwhelmed the last thing you need is more “stuff.” This simple practice is a perfect reminder that sometimes less is more – all you need are your two crystals and yourself.  So pick up your crystals and let’s get started. 

Step 1: Get Clear On What You Want To Release

Focus on whatever energy may be weighing you down or holding you back and get crystal clear on what it is you want to release. Now, pick one word for the day, week, month, or however long of a period you want to work with this word. This word, unlike the first word, should represent whatever unwanted or negative energy that you want to release from your energy field – words like excuses, stuck, negativity, anxiety, stress, fear, and other feelings or emotions that arise for you. Once you’ve picked your word, envision that energy leaving your mind, body and spirit and being released back into the earth in the next practices. 

Any time you find yourself experiencing or feeling that word, release that frequency from your body and into the earth so you can move forward without that unwanted, heavy energy. 


Step 2: Clear with Selenite

The second step is to clear your energy with help of Selenite, one of the highest vibrational crystals on the planet. This white stone purifies your overall energy and prepares you for the deeper work later in the practice, as well as addresses specific energy centers and areas of the body that often hold onto heavy or dense energy. 

This full-body energy clearing starts to infuse light and higher vibrational frequencies into your energy field as it pulls away some of the energetic grime and heavy energy. Here’s how to do it:

Hold your Selenite crystal in your dominant hand and hover it 2-3 inches above your skin. In a downward motion, sweep the Selenite crystal over your arms, chest, head, legs, back, hands and all over your body. 

After a general cleansing, it’s time to focus on specific energy centers and areas of the body. Hold your Selenite crystal over each of the following areas of the body to clear the energy of that area and what it represents:

  1. The third eye to clear unwanted thoughts
  2. The heart to clear any emotions or feelings you are holding onto
  3. The stomach to clear anything keeping you stuck or holding you back from moving forward 
  4. The root chakra to clear anything that is rocking your foundation (especially related to money and finances)

Finally, take your Selenite and sweep the sides of your body in a downward motion, brushing the energy away from your body and down into the ground beneath you.

Step 3: Go Deeper with Black Tourmaline

After clearing with Selenite, you are ready to pick up your second crystal and go deeper. For this crystal practice, we suggest using Black Tourmaline but you can use another black stone if you do not have Black Tourmaline. The black color is important for this exercise because the stone will be absorbing the negative energy from your energy field, and black stones can hold that darkness for you so you can let it go. 

Hold your stone in your dominant hand and close your eyes. Start to scan your body and your energy, noticing any areas that feel heavy, dense, stuck, or are holding the energy you want to release. As you scan, hold the stone over that part of your body and gently rub it against your skin, allowing it to absorb the unwanted energy that resides in that area of the body. For example, if you have been feeling a lot of fear or anxiety in your stomach area, hold the black stone over your stomach and rub gently. If you’ve been feeling it in your neck or shoulders, hold the stone over those parts of your body. It will be different for everyone, so take it at your own pace and listen to your body. 

Step 4: Focus On What You Want To Create

After you’ve cleared your energy, it’s time to align your energy with the intention or energy you want to embrace. Pick one word for the day, week, month, or however long of a period you want to work with this word. The word should represent something good you want more of in your life – words like love, happiness, balance, peace, uplifted, and other uplifting and positive messages work well here, but you can choose whatever energy you need. Once you’ve decided on your word, say it out loud three times. 

Any time something comes up for you that throws you off, come back to your word and reconnect with that energy. 

After you’ve finished all four steps, make sure to cleanse your crystals to rid them of any heavy energy you released. 

You can use this practice every day for energetic maintenance, or as-needed whenever you feel your energy is heavy.  

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